Tuggo Balls and Bowling Pins


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From tiny to giant, all dogs (tigers too!) will love the award winning Tuggo toys with adjustable weights! Tuggo is an indestructible weighted ball or bowling pin toy that dogs just can’t resist. A sturdy replaceable rope runs right through the middle of the ball. Knots at either end make it perfect for one dog or two. The leak-proof recessed screw plug lets you add water or sand to the ball as you like, creating resistance so the dog can even tug with itself. The Bowling Pin will give your dog hours of fun as they carry it, bat it, or just roll it around. Add coffee beans (or any other small hard items) inside to make it rattle or add water to add weight and resistance. The toughest and most persistent dogs have met their match with Tuggo toys! Durability 10+
DOG PROOF Very durable – no more money wasted on toys that are chewed up in 5 minutes.
UNIQUE This patent-pending product is the first of its kind and only available from Tuggo Dog Toys.
TUG-OF-WAR STYLE Rope can be pulled from either side, which is great for single or multiple dogs.
CUSTOMIZABLE You can add up to 20 lbs. of resistance to exercise your dog. The weight can vary depending on how much water you want to add!

IT FLOATS!! for your dock diving dog or dog that just loves to retrieve things in the water.

My dogs love their Tuggo ball and bowling pin and it has lasted 100% in tact for 9 months now. Replacement ropes are also available.

Ball Sizes: Large 10", Medium 7", Small 4"
Bowling Pin Sizes: Large 16", Medium 12", Small 6"