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Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Create a whimsical keepsake sterling silver bracelet to honor or memorialize your loyal companion(s). Start with this bracelet and then add a charm for a cat, dog or any pet that has a paw or hoof print! Each charm (ordered separately) is created just for you and you can add as many as you would like. Put your beloved pets paw print on the front and have the name engraved on the back. This bracelet will be something you cherish forever. You also have the option of getting a charm with a chamber where you can keep a lock of fur or some ashes from a beloved pet who has passed. 

Bracelet Length: 7", 7.5" or 8"

For more jewelry options the entire catalog can be found at Bailey & Bailey
Please call me at 518-424-9719 or email info@overthemoondogs so we can discuss how I can help you create the perfect gift.