Semi Precious Stone Parrot Panel

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Each panel is handcrafted by Mosalite from Brazil in the tradition of the old Florentine masters. Semi-precious stones such as sodalite, dolomite, serpentine, aventurine, malachite, and onyx are crafted by hand and precisely joined together to form the highly esthetic design of this endearing clock. There is a chain in the back for easy hanging on a wall or display your work of art on a small easel on a shelf. Measures 7" high X 6" wide  X .25 depth.

These original works of art are ideal for any home or as a gift for a parrot lover. I was cleaning out a storage room and discovered these collectible items and have them for sale way below my import costs. While these have not been made for years, they are still brand new and come in a velvet protective pouch. Mosalite went out of business in the late 1980's and when these are gone, they are gone forever.