Microfiber Cape Towel

Tall Tails

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A super soft and highly absorbent towel made with microfiber fabric for quicker drying. Coming out of the bath tub or coming in from the rain, these towels are perfect for drying your dog and will keep your house dry too! The towel even comes with a grommet so you can hang it on a hook next to the tub or the door. Machine wash and dry. The Cape Towel made by Tall Tails is designed with an attachment at the collar area to hold it in place, and side hand pockets for easy drying. Avoid the post bath “shake” and mess that it creates. 

I have a hook next to my back door and on those raining nights I can dry the dogs off before they get too far into the house. Put your dog in the cape towel after being out in the rain or from a bath and it will stop the water from flying when your dog shakes, protecting your floor and furniture. Muddy dog? No problem. Not only does the towel take off mud, it will still look brand new wash after wash.

Small 20" X 20", Large 27" X 27". This will be the best towel you ever used, I promise!