Collars & Leashes

Beautiful patterns and LED nighttime safety
Tuff Lock Leashes & Collars with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee
Any damaged item is replaced free of charge, no questions asked - yes, even if your dog chews it in half !!!! Made in the USA, these premium collars and leashes are super strong, yet very soft and comfortable for both the dog and you. Box-X stitching ensures maximum strength of all sewn components, buckles are contoured for the most comfortable fit, and welded nickel hardware is used for superior quality. All patterns and solids are dyed into the fabric, not printed, and are color proof. 
COLLARS - Five adjustable collar sizes are available to fit your dog: Large 1” (16” to 25” neck), Medium 3/4” (12” to 18” neck), Small 5/8” (9” to 13” neck). Measure dogs neck using a soft measuring tape.
LEASHES - Available in 6 foot lengths. The width of the leash is large 1", medium 3/4", small 5/8"