K9 Care Immune Supplement

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I was introduced to mushroom therapy when my dog was diagnosed with cancer by my holistic vet who specializes in Chinese medicine. I now use it in my younger, healthy dogs at 1/2 the dose to help keep their immune system in check and hopefully prevent problems in the future.

K9 Critical Care has most potent mushroom extracts available to enhance your dogs immune system. A weakened immune system is the biggest threat to your dog's health. As in humans, a dog's system is under constant attack from natural pathogens, environmental toxins and even their own mutated cells. K9 Critical Care promotes a normal, healthy immune response to unexpected issues. K9 Critical Care is a blend of five of the most powerful mushroom extracts: Agaricus blazei, Coriolus versicolor, Reishi, Shiitake and Maitake. There are 500 milligrams of the key ingredients per chewable wafer/capsule.

  • No mycelium; pure mushroom extracts only.
  • Extracted using hot water only - not ethanol.
  • Grown on hard wood using natural methods passed down for thousands of years.
  • chewable liver-flavored wafers that can be fed as a treat.
  • Made in a FDA approved facility using only human grade ingredients.

Active Ingredients:
Organic Agaricus blazei extract 100 mg
Organic Coriolus versicolor extract 100 mg
Organic Reishi extract 100 mg
Organic Shiitake extract 100 mg
Organic Maitake extract 100 mg
Other Ingredients:
Liver (Desiccated, defatted, freeze dried), Collagen Hydrolysate (Porcine), Natural Chicken & Beef Flavor, Acacia (Gum), Dextrose (Can Tab), Vegetab, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.
Dosage: 1 wafer/capsule per 10 lbs. body weight per day.
Contents: 100 chewable liver-flavored wafers.

*Healthy Dogma is the only U.S. pet food company offering hot water extracted mushroom supplements that match the potency and quality of the preparations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as the extracts used and studied in the scientific and medical research. Few people realize that hot water extracts are the only kind of mushroom supplements ever used or studied in the scientific research and the only method of preparation used in traditional herbal practice.