Dedicated to the Healthy, Happy, Active Dog


Over The Moon Dogs LLC, a natural pet specialty boutique, was established in 2009 because of my passion for dogs and training. My name is Janine and I am a solo female business owner. Not only am I a dog mom myself, but I also train and compete with my dogs in agility, obedience, lure coursing, and conformation. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching others and take great pride in my students accomplishments. My staff includes my 2 dogs, who mostly excel at product testing and unpacking dog treat orders. When I look for items to add to my store, I search high and low to find unique, durable, healthy, quality, products because I know those are what I want for my own dogs. I also support small to medium sized family owned manufacturers because I know they can deliver what I am looking for. 

Over The Moon Dogs carefully selects every product. I do the research for you to make sure the food, treats, and supplements I offer are made with human grade, chemical free ingredients. Most of our products are made in the USA with materials and ingredients from the USA. I am also committed to bringing you dog toys that are durable and fun for your dog, collars and leashes that are guaranteed, health products that work, along with blankets, beds, and towels that will look brand new wash after wash.

When you order from Over The Moon Dogs, you will receive my personal attention and I take personal pride in ensuring you are happy with everything. You want the best for your dog and so do I!

I know there are a lot of places to shop for your dog, so thank you for choosing Over The Moon Dogs.

Janine Pollard