Why You Cannot Get CBD Products In This Store

Posted by Janine Pollard on Jan 10th 2018

About 2 weeks ago I was notified by Pay Pal and my credit card processing company that they were dropping me because I sold CBD products. WHAT???? Well it seems that it is happening all over the US because, in part, of something called Operation Choke Point which was a 2013 initiative of the United States Department of Justice, which would investigate banks in the United States and the business that do with firearm dealers, payday lenders, and other companies believed to be at higher risk for fraud and money laundering. However, this was interpreted by the banks to include anything they thought was a "high risk" business, despite being perfectly legal like CBD, and those businesses were scrutinized just because their products are disfavored. In August 2017 the law was rescinded. “All of the Department’s bank investigations conducted as part of Operation Chokepoint are now over, the initiative is no longer in effect, and it will not be undertaken again,” Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said in the Aug. 16-dated letter, calling it a “misguided initiative”. Sadly the practice has not ended despite Operation Chokepoint going away.

Most banks and credit card companies have determined that a law signed by President Obama in 2014 lumps legal Cannabinoid products in the high risk category along with guns and ammo. They are shutting down a businesses ability to accept credit cards and this seems to be a trend in the USA banking industry. Therefore, I have decided not to include those products for purchase in my online store. Many stores selling cannabinoid/CBD products use foreign credit card processors but I can promise that you are also paying either a foreign transaction fee (can be up to $12) or that fee has been added into the cost of the product. I may lose sales but I will not go that route and have you pay more just because you love your pet and want to help them. 

The United States Farm Bill of 2014 classified industrial hemp as containing less than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis. In 2014, President Obama signed into law the Agricultural Act of 2014. Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, defines industrial hemp as distinct from marijuana.

The law was updated in 2017 Please refer to H.R. 353- - Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 (scroll down on that page for the text) to understand this entire Congressional Law. "The Congress finds that industrial hemp is a non-narcotic agricultural commodity that is used in tens of thousands of legal and legitimate products".

So until the banks actually catch up to all the actual laws, I have opted to remove the ability to order from my website and you can contact me directly for any information about this. My email is info@overthemoondogs.com, you can send a message from this website, or call 518-424-9719. I really appreciate your understanding and thank you for supporting Over The Moon Dogs.

I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about the following products:

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