The Hype Over Hemp - Can your dog benefit?

Posted by Janine Pollard on Nov 3rd 2017

There are so many hemp (CBD) products out there for your pet, and as you learned in my last blog post, The Hype Over Hemp - What's In Your Oil?, you really do have to be careful about which product you choose. "Made in the USA" does not mean all the ingredients come from the USA. As the saying goes "buyer beware". I will promise you the CW Cannabinoid Oil is made from organically grown plants on family owned farms in Colorado and each batch is tested for purity, and LEGAL in all 50 states.

First off, I will never tell you it is a miracle cure, because there are no miracle cures. I can only relate to you the stories I get from customers and my own experiences. My first customer was referred to me by her vet. The dog had cancer with little to no options. She does believe the hemp oil helped her dogs quality of life while battling this horrible disease. She and the vet also felt it did slow the cancer growth. I used it on my own dog who had inoperable lung cancer. It made her breathing easier, her appetite came back, and I know it give me more time with her. Sadly, hemp oil does not make the cancer go away, but hopefully it can make your dog feel better and make the time you have together a bit longer. I also have numerous customers who use it as needed on their dogs with anxiety, including mine when we get thunderstorms or fireworks going off. You can read my blog Boom Goes The Thunder to learn more about how to use it for these anxieties. I get calls frequently from people who have dogs with so many various conditions and all I can say is you have nothing to lose by trying it. Many of these customers usually re-order so I know it must be helping. 

What makes hemp seed oil so great for both human and canine consumption is its perfect ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids cannot be produced by your dog and they need to be supplemented through their diet. Your dog needs a proper balance of these Omega oils in order to have a long and healthy life.

So how can hemp help your dog? Is your dog missing out on a great superfood? 

  • Reduces inflammation and pain, assisting hip and joint mobility and autoimmune diseases
  • Assists circulation, supporting good heart health and organ function
  • Improves condition of the skin and fur, also reduces shedding and dandruff
  • Supports the immune system and aids in fighting off infections
  • Aids the digestive tract, can improve appetite and aid with colitis
  • Promotes bone growth and bone health
  • Reduces stress and anxiety (including separation anxiety and aggression)
  • Reduces nausea, including nausea from car rides, and stimulates appetite 
  • Lowers/sustains blood sugar levels
  • Combats degenerative diseases and aging, including mental function
  • Maintains/Increases cognitive function
  • Reduces or helps to control seizures
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth
  • Improves recovery from illness or surgery
  • Positive effects on fertility/reproduction
  • Improves general wellness and health, improving vitality and energy

But before you add it to your dog's food, there are a couple of things you should first know:

  • Hemp seed oil is a polyunsaturated fat, which means the oil is unstable. If you cook your dog’s food, you won’t want to add hemp oil to the food while cooking as this can cause the oil to become rancid and cause serious health issues in your dog. So, when adding hemp oil, be sure to do so once your dog’s food has been removed from the heat and has cooled down.
  • Don't add hemp to fresh poultry recipes: Poultry contains high levels of PUFAs and adding more hemp oil could provide an excess of omega-6 fatty acids, throwing off the important balance between omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. (note: flax seeds and flax oil balance poultry-based recipes quite well). 
  • Hemp seed oil has a high fat content, and despite it’s the good kind of fat, the consumption of this oil may cause diarrhea. Therefore, it’s recommended to begin supplementation slowly and work your way up to the proper dosage for your pet.
  • Hemp seed oil may react against the use of anticoagulant drugs and pose a bleeding risk.
  • Too much hemp seed oil, along with other supplements can cause an imbalance in your dog’s diet. Always consider your dog’s diet before adding any supplements to it.

How to administer:

  • You can add the oil into the dogs food or use the dropper to put it right into the mouth. Always follow the directions given to you on the bottle or the instruction/dosing sheet.
  • I always include dosing information with every order, so please always read that before giving CW to your dog. The dose you give depends on the product you are using. I always recommend going slow and giving 1/4 of the recommended dose to start. You can build up from there after using the lower dose for several days. Each dog responds differently and your dog may do great on a small dose while another needs more. I am always here to answer question on what dose will be best for your dog.