Menu Planning For Your Dog

Menu Planning For Your Dog

Posted by Janine Pollard on Aug 16th 2017

In my last blog I talked about diet and what I feed my dogs. I have gotten some great feedback and thank everyone for that. I thought it would be fun to dive more into some of the meals I make for my dogs. I am not one to spend a lot of time making meals for even myself, so I promise the meals I feed my dogs are not only healthy and nutritious, but are super easy and quick to make.

First I start with Healthy Dogma PetMix as my base. Healthy Dogma is available in the Over The Moon Dogs store as a base mix or with chicken already added. The first thing you notice when you open the bag is the chunks of veggies, fruits, and other healthy ingredients (photo 1). I add in warm water, mix it up, and let it sit while I gather the other ingredients (photo 2 rehydrated mix). 

On this particular night I added in some chopped red peppers, minced raspberries, and chopped broccoli. Then I topped it off with some very high quality canned dog food (about 1/4 can) and scrambled eggs. I only added in the canned dog food because I had it open and needed to use it up. I mix it all together, then top with fish oil, Greek yogurt, and supplements (which will be the topic of another blog).


On nights that I teach my Rally Obedience class or take my dogs to their class I am really rushing for time, so keep things very simple. I keep chopped kale in the fridge so just toss that into the Healthy Dogma along with 1/2 can of wet dog food. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt, a few supplements, and we are good to go! 

Here is just one more meal idea. In the Healthy Dogma PetMix I added chopped kale, minced blueberries, and the orange you see is a dollop of the turmeric golden paste. Mix it up, top that off with some fresh baked salmon, add your supplements, and your dog has a gourmet, healthy, dinner.

I hope you have gotten some new ideas and honestly, the sky is the limit on what you can add to your dogs meal to make it yummy and nutritious. Even if you use kibble, kick it up a notch with fresh meats, veggies and berries. If I am going to have fish for dinner, I toss some extra in the oven for the dogs. If I am making a piece of chicken on the grill, I toss some on for the dogs too. I really don't go out of my way to make the meats ahead of time, I just cook extra when I am cooking for me. In a pinch I always keep high quality canned dog food in the cupboard.