Converting from CW Hemp Oil to Pet Releaf Hemp Oil Q & A

Posted by Janine Pollard on Dec 4th 2017

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my suggestion to change from CW to Pet Releaf hemp oil, so felt it would be a good idea to write this blog. Please call, message, or email me if you are either thinking of starting hemp (CBD) oil on your dog or still have questions about converting over to Pet Releaf. Please also read my 2 blogs The Hype Over Hemp - Can your dog benefit? and The Hype Over Hemp - What's In Your Oil? which may give you the information you are looking for.

First off, CW is an amazing hemp product that has helped so many dogs. I know it must be working when people order over and over again, along with the incredible stories I hear. But, to be honest, they are not an easy company for me to work with. One day they kind of pushed me over the edge so I felt it was time to seek out a new supplier. I spent over a week on this project, nixing companies just from their website because they either used hemp seeds only, or imported their hemp, or used toxic chemicals in the extraction process. Then came the round of phone interviews which was what finally narrowed down my choice to Pet Releaf. The Pet Releaf oil is EXACTLY the same quality as the CW oil. And I do mean exactly! However, with Pet Releaf you will be paying less, and there are so many more dosing and formulation options. I am more than happy to talk to you in person about all the different formulations and help you come up with a strategy for helping your dog based on what you are using it for. As for formulations, I am personally going to start my 7 year old dog on the Edibites treats to help keep her immune system healthy and help stave off any arthritis that may already be starting in her body. I am all about prevention!

Q: How do I know what is the right formulation for my dog when switching from CW to Pet Releaf (PR)?

There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. Check out the chart below for general guidelines. The best way to select a product is to chose the best one for your dogs weight, the condition you are treating, and based on your budget, and I am only a phone call away to help you with this. As a general rule, if your dog has been doing great on CW Everyday, as an example, you can select the PR 330/100 and continue them on the same amount each day. If they have been doing well on the Everyday Plus/PAWS, then go with the 700/200 formulation. I never sold the Everyday Advanced because the price on it was crazy expensive, but now there is an affordable PR option, 1700/500, which should be much more cost effective for those large dogs who were taking several droppers full a day of the CW Everyday Plus or PAWS. You may have to tweak your dose based on your dogs response, either changing how much per dropper or changing milligrams, but I am sure your dog will be OK with the same routine you have been using.

Note: PAWS = Everyday Plus

Q: How do the actual products compare?

There are no efficacy head to head studies so to be honest I cannot compare them for efficacy. But, I can give you some guidelines when looking at each product. The first thing to remember is both products come from family owned organic hemp farms, they both use the CO2 extraction method for safety and purity, and they both offer not only CBD but the full spectrum of Cannabinoids. I have actually had this conversation with a few people so hopefully the following information will help. When you are looking at the bottles you need to keep in mind that the numbers you want to look for are full dropper hemp extract counts, not just the CBD component. PAWS contains 25mg of full hemp extract per 1 mil and PR 700/200 contains 24mg. The Everyday is 11 mg hemp extract and the PR 330/100 is 11.2 mg. Again I never carried the Everyday Advanced but the hemp extract in that is 43 mg and the PR 1700/500 is 57 mg. 

Q: Will the 1700/500 formulation save me money?

Lets take a 50 pound dog as an example. If you were using the PAWS or Everyday Plus for that dog at $74.99 and used 1 full dropper a day, that bottle would last you 30 days at a cost of $2.50 a day. If you were to convert that dog to PR 1700/500 at $79.99 you would use 1/2 dropper per day and that would last you 60 days for a cost of $1.33 per day. 

Q: Is there a protocol for Pet Releaf in my dog who has cancer?

CW is actually a product that was made for humans and oh, by the way, it works great in dogs too. For that reason, all of their research has been done in humans only. PR is designed for dogs, by the way it is human grade too, they actually study it in dogs and even have a cancer protocol for you to follow. I am going to say up front that this will not cure your dogs cancer, but if you can help with the symptoms or even slow it down then there should be no hesitation about using this product. Here is the protocol to use if your dog has cancer: Use 3 days at double the recommended dose and then 3 days off. During those 3 days off you can add in an Edibles treat twice a day to maintain a low level of CBD in their body.

Q: Is it better to put directly in the mouth?

YES!!!! While you can add hemp oil products into your dogs food, you really do diffuse the hemp and decrease efficacy. For the full potency it is best to add it directly into their mouth using the dropper or a syringe. When you order from Over The Moon Dogs, I will enclose a card with lots of information for you to follow to help you get the most from the hemp oil.

Q: Any other questions?

I know I have covered a lot and I am sure there are more questions out there. I am more than happy to answer anything you need to know about using Pet Releaf or any other product in my store. I can also expand this FAQ list as other questions pop up of what you feel is important to know. Please refer to the Ret Releaf product page for the suggested dosing chart.