CARPe Diem!

CARPe Diem!

Posted by Janine Pollard on Feb 9th 2018

So why am I writing about Asian Carp? Not only is it important to me to find healthy, safe, products for your dog, but I also try to find eco-friendly products as well. Several months ago I met Cindy from Scout & Zoe's and learned a lot about the impact of Asian Carp on the USA waterways. Scout & Zoe's is a small family owned business that has the same philosophies as I do, and they have gone the extra mile to bring carp dog treats to all of us, helping our environment at the same time. Salmon, Cod, White Fish, and Sardines are usually what you find in your dogs fish treats but now these carp dog treats provide a revolutionary, eco-friendly, breakthrough in the dog treat market so you can CARPe Diem - seize the day and help our native fish! 

Introduced in 1973 in the southeast to help control weeds and parasites, these fish soon spread up the Mississippi River system where they have been crowding out native fish populations. They consume vast amounts of aquatic plants (food for our native species) and, as they forage for food on lake bottoms, they can create murky water making it difficult for native species to even find food. The carps’ presence in such numbers is also compromising water quality and killing off sensitive species such as freshwater mussels. The damage they have caused has lead the USDA to put them on the National Invasive Species list.

Because Asian carp breed so quickly, they can take over lake and river habitats, pushing out native species and unbalancing the natural ecosystem. Asian Carp is a hardy species that can lay thousands of eggs at a time, can jump over low barriers and spread into other waterways, and they can also break through elaborate underwater electric fences like the ones they used to try to keep them out of the Great Lakes. There is also the billion dollar fishing industry to consider because the Asian carp are destroying our fresh water fisheries.

With each purchase of Carp Spears Dog Treats and Carp Skin Planks you can not only feed your dog a tasty, healthy, product but you will be doing your part to help control this invasive species.